Codework Now

Codework is a consulting firm focused on providing human resources consultancy and talent acquisition services to enable IT organizations to achieve their recruitment targets and build developer teams with the right human resources strategies. 

Our experts with comprehensive and thorough team-building capabilities equipped with the knowledge of the latest trends, technologies, and tools closely follow every aspect of the current dynamics of the recruitment sector and carefully analyze the needs of institutions hence offering corporations tailor-made solutions.

Our HR-specific services and AI solutions offer great value for those organizations planning to efficiently build and seamlessly reorganize their teams without shifting their focus from the corporate targets and meet the crucial demands of fierce competition. 


The trend of outsourcing is increasing all over the world as businesses strive to be more agile, efficient, and productive. With outsourcing, it is possible to flexibly grow and shrink IT teams periodically, reduce IT employee risks, optimize costs, increase agility and efficiency, and find resources for roles that are not feasible.

  • With our extensive experience and expertise in the IT world, we understand you and provide the easy and fast access to experts with a pinpoint approach,
  • We help you minimize your IT human resource risks while helping you increase your IT efficiency,
  • We rapidly develop your talent pool



Search and Selection

We shape our search, selection and placement services with a transparent, ethical and quality-oriented service approach by using customized methods in the field of IT, based on the goals of our customers.

Our recruiters focus on the right candidates by acting as brand ambassadors for the businesses we serve. We strive to make candidates perceive our recruitment expertise as a reliable career planning partner. In this way, we ensure that the search and selection process is completed quickly and effectively.

Retorio - Personality Analytics AI Solution

Retorio gives recruiters and sales personnel the tools they need to effectively find those needle-in-a-haystack talents. Backed by our behavioral analytics AI, we help you select the most suitable candidate in the shortest amount of time.